Lifeguard lost his ring in the ocean at 3rd beach in Vancouver...Next day it was found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

This Story is about a lifeguard that lost his wedding band while training in the ocean. Years ago I started out by passing flyers to the lifeguards for my ring finders service here in Vancouver, BC.

Fortunately he remembered my service and called me after he searched for his ring in the ocean bottom for a few hours with no luck.

I met him at the beach that evening and he showed me the area where he lost the ring, the good thing was he measured out the exact distanced from a log on the shoreline to the area the ring was lost.

I had to wait until low tide later that evening (3am) and thanks to him marking the location it only took me 20 minutes to find.

To date I’m 2 for 2 for helping our lifeguards recover their wedding bands…

I love my job!

If you need help finding your lost ring, contact me ASAP!