The Ring of Love/Lost in Port Moody/Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Everyone I’ve met and who knows that I treasure hunt always ask what my best find would be… I’ve traveled around the world and found many treasure’s over the years.

The picture of this young lady holding her late fiancées ring that I found for her would be my best find and will always be my best find, for the story that was attached to that ring and how I felt when I found it and returned it to her, will always live with me.

Like I say every persons ring has a story, this story was about a young couple who were looking at some property to buy and while holding hands the young lady slipped and pulled her fiancées iron engineers ring off his finger and into the over growth below.

They searched for his ring but gave up, he went back to his school were he graduated engineering and had another ring made. Everyone who graduates Iron engineering was presented with a ring that was made from the iron of the bridge that collapsed in memory of those who died and to pursue perfection in their craft.

Sadly the young man past away and the parents wanted to keep his ring to remember him by as did the young lady. She remembered that years before he had lost his original ring while they were looking at property.

As fait would have it a story was done on my service ”Finders” and she called me to search for the ring. I remember her telling me the story of the ring and how important it was to find it as both her and his family would have something to remember him by.

I found that ring and writing this story years later still brings tears to my eyes as I know what it meant to her to have it found and the goose bumps I got when I picked it up from the ground and gave it to her.

I love my job!
Thanks for reading my stories.