Lost my gold wedding band by a log at Kits Beach... Help!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I get call one evening a few summers ago and this man tells me that he and his wife were enjoying a beautiful day at Kits Beach in Vancouver. Before he went into the water he took his ring off and put it on his towel as he was afraid he might lose it while he was in the ocean.

After his swim he came back to his towel and had a nap, when he awoke he and his wife got ready to head home to Maple Ridge which was a good hour plus drive from the beach.

Half way home he notices his ring isn’t on his finger… Then he remembers that he took it off and put it on the towel, when he got up to head home he picked up the towel and the ring must of fell into the sand.

He drives back to the beach and searches around the log that they were sitting by and after an hour he gives up. As he was heading back to the car he sees a lifeguard and decides to ask if anyone found his ring.

The lifeguard said no but call this guy and hands him a flyer. Heading home he decides he has nothing to lose so he calls the number and he tells me where he was on the beach when he lost his ring.

I get to the beach and find the log he described to me over the phone, I start up my metal detector and the first signal is his ring. A couple sitting by a log beside me where in shock as no more the 10 seconds I find a gold ring. I wonder if they bought a metal detector the next day?

He did the right thing by calling that day as someone would have found that ring that night as everyone who treasure hunts checks the logs as that’s where everyone sits.

I had a search the next day near Maple Ridge so I dropped off the ring to its happy owner…

I love my job!

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