Yellow & White Gold Chainsaw Pendent Found In Surrey BC

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Years back I get a call from a man who lost what he described as a yellow & white gold chainsaw pendent that was custom made for him as he owned and operated a tree service in Surrey BC.

He tells me that after he and his team cut down a tree in the clients yard they were cleaning up the stump and his pendent fell into the wood chips.

He and his team searched the wood chips for over an hour, even the client came out to search. The next day the man rented a metal detector and searched for a couple more hours, but no luck.

His wife remembered seeing a story on my service in the local newspaper the week before so they contacted me and I was excited to go on a search.

When I arrivedI listened to his story and I started my search in the area he had searched for hours. I got a signal in about 2 1/2 minutes and out from the wood chips came his gold chainsaw.

It was very cool, the yellow gold was the engine and the white gold was the chain and saw. He was so excited and couldn’t believe I found it so fast. You can tell by the smile that he was happy it was found!

I love my job!

If you have lost something and want it found… Contact me ASAP… I’d be happy to find it for you!