Tungsten Carbide Ring Found at Jericho Beach... Is it yours?

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I went out the other night at a low tide on one of our local beaches(Jericho Beach) to do a little metal detecting. As I was waiting for the tide to go out I decided to search the dry sand, I received a faint signal and scooped up a Tonnie (Canadian $2.00 coin) that was deep down in the sand.
After digging a few more targets I received another faint signal, this one was deep as it took me three scoops to get it out. It was a ring! It was heavy! But what kind was it… White Gold, Platinum, Silver? None of the above!

This was a first for me in the ring department, its a Tungsten Carbide Ring. Reading up on it, they are becoming very popular and commonly used as a wedding band.

Its a very heavy ring and very smooth, due to the depth it was found at, I’d say 12 inches or more, it makes me believe that it was lost last summer or the summer before.

I like this ring and I’d like to find its owner! The hardest part is just that! Finding the owner. Who ever lost this ring has given up now, who knows, he could of been visiting Vancouver.

Three other items of interest I found that night…

1st… A hat badge from…”The Seaforth Highlanders” Gaelic writing… Cuidich ‘n Rich (Save the King)

2nd… Commemorative Medallion, its hard to make this one out as it was so corroded, on the front is a picture of what looks to be a miner. Alaska Pacific Yukon Exposition 1909 Seattle USA, On the back I can only make out the words… Alaska Nugget. After researching this on the internet, it was Seattle’s First Worlds Fair.

3rd… Along with all the change I found that night, I also found a United States Silver 1880 (One Dime)… Bad shape as its been in the sand for a long time.

Thanks for reading my story!

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