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  • from Sarnia (Ontario, Canada)

Just wanted to say hi to everyone from Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. I have been a member of the ring finders for close to a year now and just love what is represents. Chris Turner has done an excellent job building this great service. I love metal detecting as a hobby and nothing is better than helping someone find lost jewelry or keys that they think are gone forever. This year I was only able to do 2 searches for people, one was for an earring that I was unsuccessful with and the other was for 2 lost rings that had a great ending. The rings were tossed out a door in a moment of grief but then promptly searched for without success. The next day I was called. When the rings were tossed they were said to have hit a parked car and ricocheted off the car. I was able to locate the first ring on the other side of the car in the neighbours yard and the second ring was about the same distance in the total opposite direction. luckily both rings were found within about 20 minutes and needless to say the teary eyed owner was very happy. I am still working on getting some pictures which I will post soon after.

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Thanks for posting Ben and for the kind words…Look forward to seeing the pictures of the rings. If you need help just email me and I will call you to discuss how to add the pictures to the blog.


  2. Ben Rondeau says:

    Thanks for the reply Chris, I will try to keep up the blogging this year. I will also try to get some pictures soon. You are consistently doing a great job and I will be talking to you soon.
    I am hoping to get out to B.C. in the not too distant future and will definitely try to meet up for lunch or something. Take care and talk to you soon.

  3. Ben Rondeau says:

    Hey Chris, don’t call me for the next hour as I am trying to watch some of your many successful ring finding videos and I don’t want any interruptions. ha ha ha
    Keep up the excellent work.

  4. Tony Shere says:

    Good to hear from you Ben. I don’t get much time to read all of the blogs but managed to today !

    Hope you get plenty of call-outs for the gold.

    TheRingFinders (Perth)

  5. Ben Rondeau says:

    Hi Tony, nice to here from you also. Hope this year brings plenty of action your way! This is a great service and there is no better hobby.

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