Lost Mt. Saint Marys College Class Ring On Lewes Beach Delaware Found

  • from Lewes (Delaware, United States)

On 07/19/18, I received a phone call from Michael requesting my help in locating his lost Mt. Saint Marys Class ring on Lewes Beach. Michael said that he had decided to go for a swim and that he had taken his ring off of his finger, placed it inside of his baseball cap which he laid on the sand. Michael said that when he was done swimming he picked up his baseball cap and started to put it on his head forgetting that his ring was inside. Michael said that the ring fell out of his cap into the sand and that he was unable to locate it. I responded to Lewes Beach and Michael showed me the area where he had lost his ring which he had marked. I began my search at the marker that nearest to the water and as soon as I placed my coil to the sand I received a very loud tone in my headset. I took out one scoop of sand and there was Michaels ring.