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Ring found through teamwork!

  • from Lincoln (Nebraska, United States)

I was busy out of town metal detecting some properties that got hit by recent tornadoes helping recover anything I could. My phone rang and Amy found me on The Ring Finders directory and asked if I had time to help her. 25 minutes later we were talking, laying out cones and grid lines in the ballpark where she lost her ring. Because of the design of the ring it was extremely difficult to get a strong signal. Long story short she went back home with it on her finger, exactly how we want these stories to end.

Tornado destroys house and I’m asked to help find anything.

  • from Lincoln (Nebraska, United States)

Chelsea and her two young boys huddled together in the basement as tornado sirens blared. When the smoke had cleared they crawled out of the basement now owning nothing but the clothes they had on. Everything gone. When I saw what had happened across Nebraska I didn’t wait, I started advertising The Ring Finders and soon I started getting hooked up with people who had lost everything. I set out to find as many sentimental and personal items as possible. I made no promises other than to give it my best shot. I made a video so people can see the devastation of the tornadoes and the capabilities of an experienced metal detectorist. My heart goes out to every victim of the tornadoes. I was able to recover 5 of her rings, along with other items that meant a lot to her.