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White Gold Wedding Band Lost In The Attic Bothell, WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch the SeattleRingHunter search an attic for a man’s lost white gold wedding band.

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May 2022 Chase contacted me for assistance in finding his lost white gold wedding band. He recently had some cellulose installation blown into the attic of his home. After the job was complete he entered the attic to preform a simple inspection of the work. After completing his inspection he shook his hands while dusting his shirt off when his wedding band dislodged from his finger. With a sea of soft fluffy cellulose at his feet his ring was engulfed out of site the minute it touched the installation. He went on line and quickly learned that if he had rented a metal detector he’d most likely would not find his ring having no real experience using a metal detector. With this advise he turned to found my listing and invited me over. Due to my experience I has asked about the details of his ring so I was best prepared for the type of metal I would be searching for. As it turned out his wife’s white gold wedding band was pretty  much identical just a few sizes smaller than his. I used this opportunity to do a test scan with my machine. As you will see this afforded me a lot of confidence once I got over the intended taggert in the attic.

Attic searches can be very tricky as its bad enough bracing your feet on the rafters, sometimes crawling is required, inhospitable working environment requiring proper PPE protective gear, respirators, bunny suits, lighting and that all before understanding how to use a metal detector properly for the intended target. Attics have a lot of nails, staples and screws along with metal bracing plates, metal electrical boxes and power cords all adding to the challenge of finding a lost wedding ring in an attic. In the summer time they can be all over 100 F limiting an unexperienced individuals mobility and search time. Its quite clear save yourself the hassle and call an experienced Ring Finer for this type of work.                                                                                                     

Watch this episode of the Seattle Ring Hunter to see where we find Chase’s white gold wedding band.

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