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Lost Gold Wedding Ring in Breakwater Rocks at Dana Point Harbor, CA. .. Found at Low Tide

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…. Ben and Analise had driven two hours from home to have dinner at a outdoor restaurant in the Dana Point, CA. Harbor. Ben had walked out to the walkway to look at the fishing boats. Standing next to the handrail he swung his left arm and felt his gold wedding ring come off his finger. It was dark but he heard it hit the breakwater rocks six feet below the walkway.

It was low tide at the time, so Ben borrowed a flashlight, spending over an hour looking for the ring on the slippery rocks. His wife, Analise couldn’t help except to google search for help. She was able to contact me about 7pm. I wasn’t sure what type of conditions I would find when I arrived so I brought several types of metal detectors and bright search lights. Arriving just before 8pm, I met Analise. We walked over to the spot where Ben was still searching for the ring.

This was a nightmare type search area. Large slippery rocks with holes deep enough to put my whole arm in. Then to top it off, many pieces of metal trash making it near impossible to use my metal detector even with the 6 inch coil. 

I gave Ben a better search light and told him this would probably be an visual search because of the crazy conditions. They had canceled their dinner reservations knowing that if they didn’t find the ring tonight, they lived too far away to return to search again. Also, the next low low tide wouldn’t be till 9pm the next night.

With all the negative search conditions the ring was found amongst the rocks, luckily it didn’t find one of the many deep holes. Ben was tired and had all but given up before I got the the site. That made it more of a celebration once the ring was found. It’s hard to stay positive when searching such a difficult site. This time it paid off with a successful recovery. Now this ring has more of a story to remember, as every ring has a story starting when Analise and Ben were married.

They were very happy and grateful, thanking me for the help. This is why I love doing these searchers.

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