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Lost Gold Ring at Davis Bay on the Sunshine Coast…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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My day job consists of mostly 13 hour days and it’s rare to get time off but luckily this week, I had two days off where I was able to recover two items for two very happy customers. The universe works in wonderful ways for this story because this couple were ending a beautiful 10 day vacation in the Sunshine Coast, unfortunately they lost a very special ring.

They went online and found TheRingFinders directory and gave me a call that evening, they told me they were returning back to Toronto the next day and luckily I was off work that day so we arranged to meet in at 12 noon at Davis Bay.

After a 3 hour wait at the ferry terminal, 40 minute ferry ride and a 40 minute drive, I arrived at Davis Bay, I heard the story about how the ring was lost and the couple showed me where they lost the ring on the beach, remember it’s a big beach and what seems to be a small area could always turn out to be an extremely large area and as you know it’s a game of inches and you have to go over the ring to find it. The difficulties of this search was that it wasn’t lost in the sand it was lost in fist size rocks, making it slippery and difficult to search the area properly.

After listening to their story and where they believe the ring came off I started my search, I knew I was under a bit of pressure because the sooner I could find this ring the sooner they can start getting ready to make their way back to Vancouver to fly out to Toronto that evening.

After approximately 40 minutes of searching I found his beautiful ring!  I was so relieved and happy to find it so quickly knowing that they could comfortably take a ferry back over to Vancouver and drive to the airport and catch their connecting flight to Toronto. Success!













Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463

I have the best job in the world, I love helping people more than anything I’ve ever done in my lifetime. I get to make people smile, I get to hear their stories of what their ring means to them, and how happy they are when I find it.