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Ring Finder Helps Couple Find Wedding Ring ..Huntington Beach, CA.

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Ring Finder Stan Ross was able to help a couple in distress at a state beach in Huntington Beach, CA. Available to help others now .. Call 949-500-2136 .

>>> Kevin lost his tungsten wedding ring while playing volleyball at Bolsa Chica State Beach. Even though he immediately felt the ring slip off, he and other family members could not find the ring. 

His wife Jillian was able to locate me by doing a google search. After she called, telling me what had happened, I was able make arrangements to meet them at the location. It was easy to tell them that we had a good chance to find the ring, so don’t waist time trying to find it by hand searching. 

It didn’t take long to get to the beach but all the beach parking was full and they weren’t allowing cars to enter the parking lots. With a line of cars backed up about a half of a mile waiting for state park to allow more cars to enter, the nearest parking was maybe two miles away. Then the miracle happened, at 5 pm they started allowing cars to pass into the beach parking.

Two hours to get to the beach meeting Jillian and Kevin at the volleyball court. Then a short search with a successful recovery. They were surprised and happy to have the special ring back. Kevin couldn’t believe it was so easy to find. I explained it was only a matter of having the right tool for the right job. Metal detectors work well to find rings if you have a quality detector and you know how to use one.

It was a pleasure to help Jillian and Kevin. We had a little trouble getting to the site then we were lucky enough to have good idea of where the loss occurred. These call out are all different and tend to be little mini adventures.