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Sanibel / Captiva Island — South Seas Island Resort — Lost Coin Found and Returned

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

We were contacted by Kim to find and return a lost Sixpence coin that was very sentimental to her and her family and traditionally part of family member’s wedding ceremonies.  The coin had been lost during Kim’s cousins’ wedding ceremony on the beach at South Seas Resort.  At some point before, during or after the ceremony, the coin—which was put in the wedding bouquet—had fallen out. Kim’s brother is getting married this summer, so it was important to Kim to make every effort possible to find the lost coin so he can use it during his wedding.

After arrangements were made and permission granted for us to enter the private resort, we arrived at the location.  There were three possible locations the ring could have been lost.  After a long walk to the ceremony site on the beach, my wife and I began our search.  After digging a few targets that were not the desired coin, it wasn’t long before I heard another signal close to the surface.  After sifting the sand out of the scoop, the lost coin had been found!

We made arrrangements to mail the coin back to Kim, and below is a picture of a happy Kim reunited with the coin.

Silver “I Love You” Ring Lost in Sand .. Santa Monica, CA. .. Found and Returned

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136











Alisa lost her silver “I Love You” ring in the sand about midnight Saturday. I received a text at 1:35am early Sunday morning. It was from Alisa asking for my help to find her silver ring lost at Santa Monica Beach. She would be calling me in the morning. I do take calls anytime day or night because it can make a big difference whether we have a successful search. Rather than wait for the call, I texted her back saying I would be on the beach in Santa Monica at 6:30am.

Alisa replied that her and her boyfriend Ash could meet me near lifeguard tower 25 at 7:30am. When I arrived I just started to grid the area around the lifeguard tower before they arrived. Texting Alisa, I told her I had started. She text me telling me the ring was lost near the benches next to the pedestrian walkway. It was about 100 yards away from the tower.. I walked over to that location and could see finger dragging impressions in the sand.
Starting my grid there paid off with a find of the ring before Alisa and Ash showed up.. I took a picture of the ring texting it to her.
When they arrived Alisa told me she didn’t feel the ring slip from her finger. She did know that the ring was on her finger when they sat down that evening. She noticed it missing before they left the area. Seven or eight bystanders and couple of police patrolmen helped them look for the ring in the sand for a couple hours.
The ring was special to Alisa as it was given to her by her boyfriend Ash, celebrating 6 months of being together. It was another fun search for me. I hope I never get tired of helping people find their sentimental treasures.     Sunday .. 9-20-15

Late Night Hunt Leads to Successful Diamond Ring Find in Naples, FL

from Sanibel Island (Florida, United States)

imageimageWhile enjoying a beautiful sunny day and the warm gulf waters with friends at Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, Jessica Affleck saw her beautiful diamond ring fall into the ocean water right in front of her.

Immediately Jessica and her friends started looking for the ring with underwater masks, but had no success.  Knowing how fast the ring disappeared, Jessica started losing hope fearing that the ring would be lost forever.

After looking on the Internet and researching what to do next, the ring finder website popped up.  That’s when I received a call asking for help.

Jessica obtained permission to hunt the park and marked the area on the beach where she was at the time the ring slipped off her finger.

We arrived well after dark and with the park entrance closed, we had a long walk ahead of us.  After finding the location of the lost ring, we immediately started searching as we could see lightning in the distance.  Not too long into the search, a good signal was detected.  The ring was in the scoop and recovered about 4″ below the sand!

An amazed Jessica was reunited with her beautiful white gold and diamond ring!

Mesh Ring found in Surf at Del Mar, CA.

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-949-500-2136

MONDAY   Nov. 3, 2014

John called me while I was metal detecting near San Clemente, Ca.  He told me how he and his wife had taken their dog to Del Mar Dog beach Sunday for a run on the beach. His wife really didn’t feel like going but John persuaded her to go. The weather was perfect for a walk on the beach with their dog. The nice day was upset when John’s wife lost her Tiffany, silver mesh ring while throwing a ball for their dog to chase. It went directly into about one foot of water and immediately disappeared into the sand.

I would be about 45 minutes till I could get to the location, but there was still enough low tide to give it a try. I guess John called Tony Eisenhower , a fellow RingFinder . Tony contacted me and we both met with the information that John had given him. John was unable to leave work to point out the exact location, which is always a big help. Long story, short, the two of us were unable to find the ring before the incoming tide chased us out of the water.  I was not sure I could make it back Tuesday at the next best low tide, but after finding out that Tony could not make it. I went back as the tide was receding. I was worried that possibly somebody with a metal detector would find it and not return it to John, because he had posted the loss on Craig’s List with a perfect google map. Most people are honest, but there have been reports about people using Craig’s List for their own personal treasure maps.

When I arrived at dog beach Tuesday about noon there were no other detectorists on the beach. I started the grid search without the pressure of an incoming tide. Within 30 minutes my CTX 3030 gave me a nice solid signal and there was the ring. This part of the beach has a medium hard packed sand and the surf has been more or less calm. Even with these conditions, the ring had managed to work its way down about 5 inches in the sand in about 48 hours.  It is always an advantage to have the person that lost the item present to point out the location, but in this case John was unable to leave work. On the other hand, sometimes I get a little nervous when the person is standing there with that look of doubt and despair. It is all worth the time to see the smiles and joy when you return a sentimental ring. I did not get to see John’s wife when he surprised her with the good news, I know it was a special moment for her.