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Lost Tungsten-Carbide Wedding Ring Found in Racine, Wisconsin

  • from Menomonee Falls (Wisconsin, United States)

John Schwartz, of Racine, Wisconsin, was throwing a football in the backyard of his house when disaster struck. He felt his heavy Tungsten-Carbide wedding ring leave his finger. It seemed to vanish into the evening dusk. Despite frantic efforts on his hands and knees, groping through the grass, the ring eluded his touch. In the days to follow he continued to systematically comb the turf, carefully separating the foliage in hopes of glimpsing the missing token of his marriage. Neighbors wondered about the sudden and strange behavior of the young husband next door. A friend even loaned him a metal detector. But it only yielded a confusing cacophony of audio signals–the ground was full of metallic objects. It was futile.

That’s when a search on the internet raised his hopes. At theringfinders.com he was surprised to learn about people like us, people who happily apply many years of metal-detecting expertise to help locate and return sentimental and valuable jewelery items to their owners. A quick phone was all it required. The next afternoon, the elusive wedding band surrendered its hiding place to a Minelab Excalibur. The ring had traveled some 40′ away, almost out of the confines of John’s backyard. He wasted no time planting it firmly on his finger once again. And the smile on his face, well, it just oozed gratitude.

We sure loved helping to recover your ring, John!