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Metal Detecting Pitt Lake for a Lost Gold Ring

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Yesterday I received a call from a lady that told me her son lost a very special ring that was gifted to him by his late Grandmother. She also said that he lost it the day they were spreading her ashes at Pitt Lake.

He was just throwing a rock into the lake when he felt the ring come off his finger…The family had spent 4 hours that day on their hands and knees searching for the ring in the long grass where the young man saw it land…But no luck!

He and his father went back the next day and continued the search for another 4 hours for this family heirloom but still couldn’t find it. I believe his mother told me over the phone that they were going to rent a metal detector and found me online and decided to call me.

I was already loading the car with equipment for a search up in Whistler which is about a 2 hour drive from where I live.  After hearing this story about the young man and knowing that they were at the location searching (45 minutes away) I figured I’d reschedule the search for the next day in Whistler. That was a good thing because after the search for the young mans ring at Pitt lake I got a call from the people in Whistler and they found their ring in their house…That saved me a couple hours driving as they thought the ring was lost in their yard.

When I showed up at Pitt lake I was greeted by the young man and his father and we discussed the search for a few minutes and I began my search. In most cases it’s never where the people where searching (8 hours) as they themselves would have found it. I cleared the area that they were searching and moved further down the embankment and I got a faint signal in some very long grass and weeds. I went in with my pin pointer and found the gold ring covered in grass and hard to see with the eye.



I get so excited myself when I find what I’m looking for and knowing the story and what it means to the young man!




The smile says it all… He was so happy and such a nice young man who you can tell loved his Grandmother & Grandfather so very much!

I Love My Job! If you lost something and need it found…Call me ASAP!


Thanks for reading my story!   You can watch the video of the search below…