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I recently received a text message regarding a diamond wedding ring that was lost in waist deep water near Oceanside pier the previous night before.We arranged a time to meet later in the day although the tides were not in our favor.

I arrived promptly and met the husband Jose. He had a good estimated place where it was lost at. Unfortunately the tide was much higher and in addition “waist deep the night before was basically chin deep at this point” I gave it all I had for an hour to no avail.The big waves & shorebreak were preventing me to perform a thorough search, so I called it quits but promised I would come back first thing in the morning during a more feasible low tide.

Upon arriving to the scene of the lost ring day#2 it was relieving to see the tide was much further out and the ring should barely be knee deep in the water now…30min later I got a strong signal in 2’ under the water with my Metal Detector and scooped out her precious Platinum diamond ring buried in the ocean!

Jose and Holly were extremely thrilled I was able to help them.Sending a Picture of a lost ring to the owner in the early morning is always exciting.However,,Had they contacted me days or weeks later this scenario may not of played out the same because the Ocean works mysterious ways.


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Lost Wedding Ring Oceanside

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A wedding Ring was lost at Oceanside beach And Returned by Theringfinders metal detecting service. Call or text me 760 889 2751

Here is the story written by Lynn Penfield the Mother of Brett who accidentally lost his ring in the sand.

My son lost his wedding ring on a trip to California to visit family. He and his wife were playing volleyball on a beach in Oceanside, California, when he realized his ring was gone. They searched for it, but had to leave before finding it to catch their flight back to Virginia Beach, Virginia, where he is stationed with the Navy. Because my husband and I live in northern Wisconsin, there just wasn’t a valid solution to try to find the ring. It was suggested to me I check out craigslist to see if anyone had posted finding a ring. Unsuccessful at that attempt, I decided to post my own craigslist ad. Very quickly I received an e-mail from Curtis Cox in Oceanside, California, offering to go look for my son’s ring. Admittedly, I wasn’t holding out a lot of hope as three days had passed since the ring was lost. These wonderful men took the time out of their day immediately to go search for the ring. When they arrived at the location, a mother was there with her children. John and Curtis spoke to the mother, explaining why they were there. Soon thereafter, the mother approached John and Curtis with a ring her son had found while playing in the sand. A few hours after my first contact with Curtis, John Hughes emailed me stating a ring had been found in the vicinity where my son’s ring had been lost. I sent Curtis a picture of the ring that was taken six months earlier at my son’s wedding. Curtis sent me a picture back of the ring the mother had given them – and IT WAS MY SON’S RING! I was completely floored. Had John and Curtis not been there at that exact moment, the ring would have been lost forever. Instead, it’s now back on my son’s hand a week after he lost it. My entire family is so grateful to John and Curtis for their prompt response and successful return of my son’s ring. These two men are so kind and wonderful. We can’t thank them enough.

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