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Ring Found and Returned at Newport Beach in the Dry Sand! (2016)

  • from Orange (California, United States)

The sun going down quickly on a Monday in October 2016, and as I was finishing my day’s detecting, a lifeguard truck came by and said that a couple had lost their ring in the sand and he was taking them a detector to borrow and try to find it, but wanted to know if I would also help. Of course I said, and made my way over to where his truck drove to.

I did not know the lifeguard station had loaner detectors, and it was one of those $75 units with an analog meter on it, and the guy had already started playing with it to try and figure it out to find hs ring by the time I arrived about 5 minutes later.

His poor wife was panicked, sifting through sand already for a half hour on all fours trying to find his ring. Her hands were dirty and she had finger-raked about an 8′ square where she thought it was. They said it was on his ‘T’-Shirt and he forgot and shook it out and lost the ring. The guy was still fiddling with the “Toy” detector and randomly walking around, so I asked her if I could search where she was and I found it in about a minute, right where she had been dragging her fingers through the sand for a half hour.

I said “Oh, here is a good signal” and as I scooped it up, the ring just appeared as the sand sifted through my scoop and she burst into tears and hugged me! It was an heirloom from his Grandfather that they used as his wedding ring, and they were so very happy I found it as it was already getting dark.

It was a Platinum ring with patterns all around the outside of it. (Sorry I did not get a closeup of the ring.)

Great feeling to help them get it back!

Happy couple after I found his Wedding ring at Newport Beach, CA


Me and the Husband with ring.