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Lost Platinum Wedding Band .. Crystal Cove State Beach, Newport Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

Dave sent me a 6:36am text. I replied asking him to call me. Followed by a reply 6:45 call. We meet Crystal Cove State Beach at upper parking lot 7:15am.
Walking down to the beach which is about 500 feet below the cliffs, Dave tells me how he had put his platinum wedding band in his beach chair cupholder. He believed it could have been thrown into the brush behind where he had been sitting or dropped anywhere on the long dirt trail to the top of the cliffs.
I bet him that it probably dropped out of the cupholder the first few seconds. I was right this time. Another quick find, right in the small area of dry sand. Dave was overjoyed and couldn’t believe how well the detector worked to find his ring. He told me he has worn the ring for 22 years. This was the first time it had been lost. His wife consoled him, saying, if it wasn’t found, at least it was lost at the beach that is such a big part of his life. Dave has been surfing all his life. We both enjoyed sharing the happiness of the finding a ring that has such a sentimental meaning to him. I love this service..