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Laguna Hills, CA. .. Equestrian Lost Diamond Ring in Horse Stall .. Recovered by Stan the Metal Detector Man

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*** Daniel called me asking for help to find a white gold diamond engagement ring lost in a horse stall. He was actually calling for his neighbor, where he also has horses boarded. The stables are located in Laguna Hills, CA. which is just about a 30 minute drive. He told me that he could meet me at the stables after he purchases a tarp that we could spread the wood shavings. They had gathered 16 large trash bags of wood chips from the tack room floor where the ring had dropped. 

Daniel had sifted through 3 of the bags before realizing that it was going to be impossible to search without some type of metal detector. I drove to the stables, arriving before Daniel. Aji, who had lost the ring was there with Daniel’s wife. Aji told me she had put her ring on a self in the tack room and dropped it into the wood shavings when she went to put on.

The ladies showed me the bags of wood shavings and I chose to run my metal detector over the unopened bags before going to the trouble of spreading them on a tarp. Besides Daniel had not returned with the tarp. After scanning a half dozen of the bags, I had one promising signal. I tore a small access hole in the trash bag and probed with my pinpointer. Boom !!! It was Ali’s precious gold and diamond ring. 

Both Ali and Daniel’s wife were amazed at how quick the recovery took. Just as I was taking photos of the ring, Daniel showed up with the tarp. He is the real hero because he had the foresight to realize he couldn’t find the ring with his sifting method. He took time to call an experienced metal detectorist. I love a challenge and it took a bit of luck to start at the right set of bags. I thought I’d be looking at a few hours to dump 15 bags of wood shavings on to a tarp to detect over them. A happy dat for all, especially Ali .

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