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He Shot Puts His Wedding Band At High School Track Meet Kent, WA

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch the SeattleRingHunter search the ivy for this lost wedding band.

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June 2022 My buddy from work placed the call for assistance for a mens wedding band lost in the ivy. He was calling from a local high school track meet as he explained he had just watched a friend of the family loose his wedding ring.

Austin was just warming up for the shot put and as he made his throw my buddy and several others witnessed his wedding ring fly off his hand, hit the chain link fence and disappeared into an unmanaged jungle of ivy and brush. The details were passed to me over the phone with some supporting photos and an idea of the location where the ring was lost.

This site being rather close to my residence I was able to make several trips to the location knowing that no-one else would just stumble across the ring. However I did make an initial visit the evening of the track meet as a swarm of people were leaving. As it was dark I had a flashlight so I was able to visually check the clean side of the fence first incase the ring actually bounced back to where everyone was standing on the shot-put side. No ring was found with a detailed sweep so I was very confident the ring was hidden and obscured in the ivy some place. The eye witnesses reports stated they clearly heard the ring hit the fence so the biggest “what if” question in my head is if the ring dropped straight down or ricocheted and sailed off into the forest of ivy bushes. With a large young man fully wound up full of energy throwing a shot put there was a big concern that the ring could have had quite a bit of energy behind it sending it quite a distance. To this point the only thing I could be sure of is that the ring wasn’t going to be found unless I performed a dedicated search until it turned up!

Watch this episode of the Seattle Ring Hunter to see how and where we find Austin’s lost rose gold wedding ring.

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