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Lost gold ring in abbotsford, BC…Found

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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I received a phone call the other day from a young lady by the name of Jaspreet who told me that her mother had lost her ring in the back yard playing with her Granddaughter, they almost gave up the search when they couldn’t find the ring. They even cut the grass hoping to see the ring in the shorter grass. Not the best idea cause that could’ve sent the ring flying in any direction, I asked how she heard about my service and she told me that her 6-year-old daughter, Puneet, said google a ring finder…Amazing!

Puneet was a very smart young girl to think to search google.  She was so excited to show me the area she was playing with her grandmother, her nephew was there and he had some good ideas on where the ring could be. They were both very good little detectives!

I was excited to go out and hopefully find the ring for her, it was a wet day but that’s ok… I search in all weather!

Jaspreet couldn’t meet because she was working so I meet with her sister and the rest of her family. Such a lovely family and they were all hopeful I could find the ring, I was confident if it was there I could find it. After searching for about 45 with no luck my thoughts shifted to the neighbors yard. After getting permission to search the yard it took 15 minutes to find the ring. It was close to a wire fence and when I was talking to the little girl’s nephew I thought he saw me find it, but he didn’t. I was so excited and I had so many thoughts on how to surprise the grandmother.

On the way back from the neighbors house I walked into the driveway and saw that Jaspeet showed up…Perfect timing! Now I can do the double surprise! I walked ahead of them and dropped the ring in the grass and stepped on it to cover it a bit and asked that her mother come out do a test with my ring and show me where it may have flong to…Her mother was showing me when Jaspreet yells there the ring! She found the ring before I could surprise her…Lost once…Found twice!

For those who watch my videos, I always try to do a surprise revile, almost every time I don’t even know how I’m going to do that, it just happens…This time the surprise didn’t happen the way I thought it would but it was all good, the smile on Jaspreet face when she found the ring was priceless!

The real hero for this story is Puneet, thank you for telling mom to search google for a ring finder!










I love my job! Lost your ring…Call a member of ASAP



How to Find a Gold Ring in the Attic…

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call the other day in regards to a lost ring in the attic…The young man told me he found me online when he was looking on how to find a lost ring in the attic. We discussed the search and I knew I could find his ring but it could be challenging.

We met up on Sunday and he showed me the attic and how he lost the ring and where…I got to work and thankfully it wasn’t summer as the temperature in the attic was comfortable,  it was blown in insulation so it’s like quicksand for ring.

After searching with my AT gold with the sniper coil for approximately 30 minutes I received a good target number of 65/66… there was his wedding band of 13 years just hidden inches into the insulation.




I love the hunt for the lost ring, you never know where its going to show up but when it does…There it is…A Smile!




I love my job!

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Detector used:Garrett AT Gold/Snipper Coil/Pinpointer


You can watch the video of the search below…