How to Find a Gold Ring in the Attic...

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call the other day in regards to a lost ring in the attic…The young man told me he found me online when he was looking on how to find a lost ring in the attic. We discussed the search and I knew I could find his ring but it could be challenging.

We met up on Sunday and he showed me the attic and how he lost the ring and where…I got to work and thankfully it wasn’t summer as the temperature in the attic was comfortable,  it was blown in insulation so it’s like quicksand for ring.

After searching with my AT gold with the sniper coil for approximately 30 minutes I received a good target number of 65/66… there was his wedding band of 13 years just hidden inches into the insulation.




I love the hunt for the lost ring, you never know where its going to show up but when it does…There it is…A Smile!




I love my job!

Lost your ring…Call me ASAP 778-838-3463

Detector used:Garrett AT Gold/Snipper Coil/Pinpointer


You can watch the video of the search below…

5 Replies to “How to Find a Gold Ring in the Attic…”

  1. john@volek says:


    Awesome work, nice job at not falling through the ceiling. Great insight on using the particle mask, fiberglass insulation is nasty stuff. I bought a few of those white jump-suits for fiberglass installation work, but the particle mask will be next on the list.



  2. Chris Turner says:

    Thanks the white jump-suit is on my list now…My clothes were covered in fiberglass particles…

  3. Mike Mc says:

    Way to keep finding those rings! That small coil is a great tool for that sort of search! And the knee must be getting some better, hey? Way to go!!

    Mike Mc in sunny Florida

    1. Chris Turner says:

      Hello Mike,
      The small coil is the only way to go for those types of searches…Knee is very bad and I can’t wait till I get my surgery!

  4. Steve Smith says:

    Great search Chris.

    Good to see the respirator, as that insulation can be nasty on the lungs.

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