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Lost diamond ring in Newark, DE…Found!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

TheRingFinders Team Saves The Day!

Angie found me in The Ring Finder Directory and contacted me to see if I would be willing to search for her recently lost white gold diamond engagement ring. She conveyed to me that she had been throwing a ball to her dog 2 weeks prior in her backyard and she felt the ring fly off her hand during one of the throws. Unfortunately, not only was her backyard quite large but there was also a large pond that was definitely a possible recipient of the ring. Angie mentioned that she had already had someone with a metal detector search the grounds for many hours and when they failed to recover the ring she began to assume it landed in the pond. She requested that i re-search the ground and then if possible check the pond itself. It was a big job with a lot of ground to cover so I didn’t hesitate to get in touch with my friend and fellow Ring Finder, John Favano, to team up for the mission. We arrived at the property on Thursday, May 14 and met Angie in her backyard. We had her share any and all details on the ring itself and reenact the throw that resulted in the lost ring. She showed us a picture of the ring on her phone as well. Based on the angles of the throw she described and the approximate maximum range the ring could have traveled,  John and I gridded out a 50 yard square area where we thought the ring could have landed. I got in the water and began searching the shallows closest to the home while John focused on searching the yard leading down to pond. While searching we both had quite a few good signals where we thought we had it but they turned out to be trash. We were at it for about an hour when Angie said she needed to run out for 30 minutes. We told her we would continue to search the area. A minute after she pulled out of the driveway I was on the bank of the pond and had a perfect gold ring signal on my machine. I was amazed and crazy excited to look down in the tall grass and see her gorgeous ring laying there.

When Angie returned with her 2 young girls in tow John met her on the driveway and told her I had a question for her. When she walked over to me I suggested to her we were still searching but I wanted to see the picture of her ring on her phone again. She took out her phone and pulled up the picture of the ring…John and I both commented at what a beautiful ring it was…and that’s when I pulled the ring out of my pocket and said that “it sort of looks like this one”. As a Ring Finder you never get immune to the pure, visceral joy and emotional reaction that occurs when handing over a lost ring. Angie could not contain her joy and relief for several minutes and John and I were so pleased we were able to come through for her. High fives between John and I and complete agreement about how great it is to be a Ring Finder!