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Engagement Ring Dropped in Sand while Proposing .. Hermosa Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

I got a late call from Damir asking me for help. He had just proposed to his fiancé, Ellie on the sand in Hermosa Beach. In the excitement of the moment Ellie dropped the diamond engagement ring in the sand.
Dry sand is unforgiving and will hide a ring from searching fingers forever. I did not waste time discussing anymore on the phone. Just asked them to text me the address and I’d be there within 45 minutes. I also told them not to worry. If they can get me on the general spot, we could find the ring.

When I arrived at 14th Street in Hermosa Beach I could see a police car on the beach with Damir and Ellie standing there in the cold breezy night air. I introduced my self, looked at the 20 x 20′ area. I decided to start the grid diagonally, just because? Straight line to the opposite corner, BAM! Diamond Engagement ring in the scoop. Everybody was amazed, the police officer had a look that I’ll never forget. Similar to the look people give when somebody does a magic trick. It was cold so we all took a few quick photos and headed home. It was almost midnight and everyone concerned will sleep good this night.