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Minnesota Lost ring found metal detecting

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Frankie was out taking photos in a large field near a local airport. While shooting photos, somehow her gold ring fell off her finger. Too make it a little worse, it was her Mother’s ring. She found my contact information on the ring finders website and we met at the airport the next day. We searched an area for about a half hour when Frankie noticed the pictures she had taken were marked with GPS coordinates. We were searching about 100 yards to the east of the GPS marked point. I followed her as she walked to the exact point the GPS guided her to, and I found the ring within 15 feet of the marked spot. I’ve done plenty of research on how close these coordinates are to the exact location, and even the manufacturer says within 50 yards in any direction. Luckily these were spot on . Congrats Frankie, glad I could help out.