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Watch the SeattleRingHunter recover a lost receiver pin in the ground for our local disc golf community.

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May 2022 In my home town I dropped into a local shop “Mondo’s Disc Golf Pro Shop”. I meet with one of the owners Rocky and explained that I am a Lost Item Recovery Specialist that has had a lot of success recovering lost items of value for people. I explained to him people often loose valuable wedding rings and other important items when doing out door activities especially when flicking the wrist and throwing. Being that most people when loosing an item of value they often choose to check in with local businesses or any organizer of their specific sport or community to get the word out. With this I handed him my card and assured him that he now has a trusted recovery specialist he can be confident in recommending for such desperate situations. 

I asked Rocky if he had any lost item stories to share and to my surprise his eyes lit up a bit as he explained a situation they were having. Each hole on the corse has two to three positions for the basket to be installed. In this way they can switch up the course from time too time to keep a fresh challenge for the players. Basically a length of galvanized steel pole slightly larger in diameter than the pole used for the basket acts as a receiver. It is typically cemented into the ground to hold and secure the basket. These receiver pins only stick out of the ground a few inches at most. He explained to me they had a situation at our local Auburn Disc Golf Course at the Game Farm Wilderness Park known as the “White River Disc Golf Course. A few years back they had lost track of the long pin position for the Summer 12 hole. Over time they had no idea if the winter storms has blown debris over the receiver pin or possibly some fallen logs they noticed in the area could be covering it.

With this information I was excited to take on this mission of relocating the lost receiver pin and headed to the course to investigate with all of my special tools and experience on the ready. Watch this episode of The Seattle Ring Hunter Lost Item Recovery to see the conclusion of the missing pin position. If you are one of our local disc golf players and have played with this newly resurrected long pin position for Summer 12 leave us a comment below and tell us what you think about it.

Also be sure to drop by Mondo’s Pro Shop or send them a note online and tell them the Seattle Ring Hunter sent you.

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Now to everyone in the disc golf community let me give you one of my pro tips. So often when we loose an  item of value we are completely caught off guard. Due to stress and an urgency to try to locate our items we don’t always think of the most important course of action. With that being said if your wedding ring flew off your finger or you have lost a piece of jewelry, stop and take in a deep breath. Do not move from the spot! Pull out your cell phone or ask any one within the distance of your voice to come assist you. Someone surely has a cell phone and you can easily make a GPS waypoint pin of your precise location and have them txt it to your phone immediately before you get sidetracked! Also take a few photos for reference of the direction you were facing during the incident. Now with this information saved you can proceed with  a visual search of your lost item. If after a period of time don’t over exhaust yourself, simply call me for confidential phone conversation as I have the experience to assist you in  your lost item recovery process. By saving your GPS pin we now have the best data to work from. 

Even if you don’t have a precise location in mind when you have lost an item call me ASAP, no matter the time of day, while the situation if still fresh in your mind. I have a lot of experience and will work with you in doing all we can to drill down all viable possibilities to get your lost items of value recovered and back in your hand where they belong.

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