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Missing Ring & Earring! Parkland County, Alberta, Canada.

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The Culprit

Question is: Did Laser eat my Earring and Ring?


Jesse called me on Thursday requesting my service to locate a missing ring and earring.  Jesse said the ring went missing about one month ago, and the earring went missing two weeks ago from his bedroom dresser table.  The only possible culprit was his six month old dog Laser!

After asking Jesse several questions like; how was Laser feeling, did he have any signs of discomfort, and was he his normal self Jesse replied that he was fine so my next question was; is Laser a free roamer on the acreage?  Jesse replied no, that he is always let out into his dog run which is huge,  about 80’ x 80’ and that his daily deposits were still frozen on the ground.  I thought to myself, “hmmm interesting”, wonder which pile the ring could be in and also the earring!

I agreed to meet up with him Saturday morning.  When I arrived at the acreage I met Jesse and Andria.  They showed me the dog run where I met Laser. Andria told me about Laser, how he is obsessive with his toys and rocks, and eats anything that a six month old dog would do. When wearing her rings he would lick her hands.  Andria was positive that he ate the ring and also her earring, as two weeks ago she had found her jewellery box on the floor in her bedroom and one of her earrings was missing.

After searching about one hour the ring was found in a nice pile in the corner of the yard.  My next question was where is the earring?  I told Jesse that I needed the other earring so that I could tune my detector to it.

I carefully searched for the earring where the ring was found but had no luck. I decided to search the other corner of the yard and knowing how hard earrings are to find I began very slowly and low scan search each inch and finally I heard a faint tone! I called Jesse over and told him “there IT IS”!   He looked but could not see because the earring was inside this pile! LOL, and again I said “this is it”!  He could not believe his eyes when we took the pile in to be washed out and there was Andria’s beautiful diamond earring!

Jesse and Andria was over the moon that her ring and earring was back where they belonged!

Another very happy client!  Thank you, Jesse and Andria, for entrusting me to find your missing jewellery in a very unusual location. Yes, Laser was definitely the culprit!