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Lost Apple Watch in water, Wekiva Island, Longwood, Fl…..Found and Returned!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Chantal and her younger sister were enjoying a hot summer day by the cool dark waters of the Wekiva River. Wekiva Island is a unique place to swim and relax and spend time getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Earlier Chantal had laid out her towel at the waters edge and now as she was getting ready to gather up her belongings, she completely forgot that she had placed her Apple Watch on the edge of her towel and as she lifted her towel….the watch did a nose dive into the dark water and disappeared! Stunned she could not believe what had just happened! It was only 6 feet deep with a sort of sandy bottom mixed with leaves and other decaying debris, so how hard could it be to find it, right? For over an hour she dove and tried her very best to feel around with her feet, hoping to find her lost watch…but all to no avail!

On her phone she informed her friends of her dilemma and then someone sent her a link to theringfinders.com and told her to check it out. After a brief conversation I decided not to wait but to try and help her that very day. Upon arriving at the spot there were three young men sitting in the very location and after hearing Chantal’s story they were more than happy to move, plus they wanted to see the search and recovery themselves.

I decided to practice my diving and holding my breath skills instead of using my scuba gear, thinking that the sandy bottom and maybe four feet of visibility would be sufficient for me to recover her lost watch. Chantal had described her watch as having a metal wrist band and that is what I focused on during my search. The search area was roughly an eight foot square area and right away I could see the usual objects like pull tabs and other man made objects but no shiny metal wrist band. I dove four times thinking surely I would spot it just sitting on the bottom waiting for me to spot and pick up. And then I realized Chantal had been feeling around with her feet and maybe she had pushed it out into deeper water or possibly covered it over with silt and sand and that’s when I spotted something square looking and as I lifted it off the bottom I realized the “mesh” metal band had folded under the face of the watch and it was quite hidden. Chantal was thrilled to have her watch back and I was relieved to not be holding my breath any longer! And Chantal’s beautiful smile warmed my heart and I was truly thankful to have been a part of making her day a pleasant one!

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Mike McInroe….proud member of theringfinders.com

Lost Platinum Ring Found In The Snow In Ferndale Michigan

  • from Detroit (Michigan, United States)

Platinum Smiles On A Gloomy Day!

This nice gentleman was out today shoveling a 3 inch snow drop in the Detroit area after a 50 deg day yesterday. On the phone he mentioned taking a break and reaching over the fence to pet the neighbors dog his platinum wedding ring came off and landed near the fence in the snow and left over leaf debris. A few minutes passed and he thought he may have shoveled it into a 2 foot pile of snow on his property as well.
Driving thru the traffic with people who seem to have forgotten how to drive in the snow I was able to reflect back on prior ring hunts near fences. On site based on what he said I knew to check along the fence while he levelled the pile. My MXT was picking up the fence but I set the sens way down and scanned from away towards the fence paralleling it. I got a small +40 reflection signal I call it mixed with the ferrous fence signal and knew I was in the area of influence. Checking with the Garrett carrot produced a solid vibration as I scraped debris from the fence towards me away from the overbearing fence attraction.
Feeling the pin pointer hit the metal ring and the vibration, I reached down and found his gorgeous custom design platinum wedding band in the leaves and snow! Yay!