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Lost Rolex Watch at 3rd Beach at Stanley Park, Vancouver…Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

        I got  call and an email and a text message in regards to a lost Rolex Watch at 3rd beach in Stanley Park last night. The young man as you could imagine was pretty upset and found my service on the internet a day after he lost his watch.  He went back with a rake and searched the water but no luck.I called Patrick and told him that low tide was around 4 am and I’d like to meet him at 2am to start the search as the tide was going out.I met patrick in North Vancouver at 2am and we drove to 3rd beach to search for his Rolex. When we got to the beach Patrick showed me the area he thought the watch was at. It was a pretty  big area and the fact it was black out it was hard for him to pinpoint the exact area.I started the grid search with the help of Patrick who stood on the shoreline with a flashlight so I could use that as my reference point…After 45 minutes in about waste deep water we were rewarded with a beautifully  Rolex watch in my water scoop!I let out a yell that got Patrick very excited and when I got to shore I put the watch in his hand… This watch was very special  as he bought it after he graduated from carpentry school 3 years ago…Thank you very much Patrick for the generous reward! I will be donating 15 % of the reward money to Children’s Hospital as I do with all my recoveries.I love my job!Lost something?Call me ASAP!Watch the video of the recovery on the link below… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3R9mzGpf7mc