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Lost Platinum Diamond Wedding Ring in Children’s Playground ..Santa Monica, CA.

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If you lose a valuable at the beach or a public area please call as soon as possible.. 949-500-2136

Annie had lost her platinum diamond wedding band while pushing her son one of the playground rides at a local park. She called me from her home in Santa Monica,CA. Which was only two blocks from the park.That would be an advantage because she could meet me at the location.

When I arrived Annie showed me the area where she felt the platinum ring slip from her finger. There was plenty of sand that could hide a ring. It shouldn’t have gone further than 15 feet but you never know.

I began the search using a detector set on a higher frequency because those  smaller rings with stones can be elusive. After about twenty minutes I found the ring probably 15 or 20 feet out from where she felt it leave her finger. She was actually standing on it while watching me grid search the location.

Again I got the reward of seeing a big smile and seeing how happy Annie was to get her precious symbol of her marriage. Her husband was responsible for finding TheRingFinders website and giving Annie my number to call.

I gave Annie some temporary plastic ring sizing spiral deals to help her to remember to get the ring sized.