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Lost Palladium Ring at Roadside Turnout near Bakersfield, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)




Shelley contacted me early Wednesday the day before thanksgiving, one of the busiest
travel days of the year. Her husband, Andrew had lost his ring the night before as they were on a road trip for the holiday weekend.

They believed that he may have lost it when they stopped at a roadside turn out. Andrew didn’t feel the ring slip off but he did notice his ring missing a half hour later when they stopped at a fast food place near Coalinga, CA.

I asked a few questions about the location. Shelly said it was just a small turnout that had 4 or 5″ of soft dirt. It was dark, making it hard to remember any landmarks. Also, they didn’t know the name of the exit off the I-5 north.

We both went to google earth app to see if the exit could be located. We found one exit 105 miles from my place. I was able to get there by 1pm and after sending them photos we though this was the place. A thorough grid search was unsuccessful. I could only suggest they recheck their car.

Fast forward 3 days later, Shelly texted me saying on their return trip,  they located the exact turnout where they believe Andrew lost his Palladium wedding band. It was 25 miles north of where I searched Wednesday before thanksgiving.

Sunday I drove 130 miles to the turn off with the very exact landmarks and photos that Shelly gave me. Immediately after parking my car I could see finger drag marks in the soft silty dirt. It looked like an easy find, if the ring was there. You never know if it’s there, when the person doesn’t feel the ring come off.

After 2 hours and just looking at the last few minutes before calling it quits. Boom!!! Andrew’s ring ..
It was a long drive home with the holiday traffic and I was able to drop the ring off at Shelly and Andrews place on the way. It was a another great experience meeting them and returning the ring.