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Vintage Heirloom Gold Ring Found and Returned .. Burbank, CA.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

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*** Kiana was at a park in Burbank, CA. which is a City in Los Angeles, CA. Her vintage gold ring came off her finger in a local park near her home. She felt it come off, so she knew the general area of the loss. Two hours of searching the grass was unsuccessful.

She contacted me after finding me online. I made the drive to Burbank to meet her at the park. We had to locate this before the lawnmower found it first. I wasn’t sure how heavy the ring was but I was sure it had to be within a 50ft. radius of where she had been standing.

Within about 15 minutes I found the ring in a large clump of grass. It was much larger than I thought it to be. Amazing that it found one of the only large clumps of grass to hide in. I’m sure it could have easily been spotted visually anywhere else in the area. Anyway Kiana was very happy and relieved that she had it back. Her husband, John also met me, telling me he spent another 2 hours searching the same location on his hands and knees.

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