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Lost Ring…La Costa Golf Course

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

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I was on the phone with my partner, Curtis Cox when I got the call. Call ya right back. A guy I worked for doing Leak Detection, was out playing golf at La Costa. His buddy hand taken his ring off to put on sun screen. (Forgot) and went on with the next few holes before remembering, ah shit my ring. They traced their way back knowing about where it might be. Sorry Not a fairway. Tall grass area. After a walk around for 1 hr. He remembers my RingFinders story and gives me a call.  I told him I’ll get my partner to head over and we’ll b down shortly.  I called Curtis back, Dude, Grab your detector, we’re hunting La Costa Golf Course. I was on the way in 10 min with Curtis on his way too.  We meet up by the Fire Department. I jump in with Curtis and we follow them down the private road, out onto the cart path and head north along the fairways. They take us to area of Sunscreen app.  We grid that whole area but nothing. The guy who lost it takes off in the cart to another area. Now I’m told wait, I think he went up this little hill to help find the other players ball. So we walk up and I start to grid.  Curtis just finished first area and is on his way over. At that point they pull me acrossed the fairway to another area. I tell Curtis He drove right thur here and head over. I get there and first I start to check their cart. Lift the seat as Curtis walks up and says, it aint in the cart. Are you sure what kinda ring it is. Steel, Tit ? at that point I look at Curtis’s hand and its closed. Ha. He hands it to me and I hand it to the owner. OMG. Wait . It gets better.  A man walking his dog with his wife yells ” did ya find my watch”? I replied, No, But we did find his wedding ring. They turn and come stright over to us. Wow thats great. He asked if I’m from here.? I pointed to the big house right there and said my Dad built that house for Mr. #^<*> back when I was in 6th grade. Really he says, Big smile as his wife says thats our house. (WOW) they Invited us up to show Curtis the custom front doors my Dad installed. From like 16/1700’s Spain. OMG. Its a small world after all.  Curtis Cox did the recovery but due to this story wanted me to write it. We hunt together and our team dont miss. We cover large areas because of TEAM WORK. We are  at 100% for 2015 other then water losses. In the waves.  Glad to be part of this group.

Curtis Cox / John Hughes ”

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