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Lost Car Key in the Sand – Found and Returned Oak Island NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Harrison on Saturday, May 20th around 6:15pm stating he had lost a key in the sand on Oak Island and asked if I could help find it. Unfortunately, I was out of town and couldn’t personally help, but assured him I’d find someone that could and would call him back.

I first called Matt Fry, TRF Myrtle Beach who didn’t answer. I then called my son-in-law Donnie, who has helped me with finds in the past and he didn’t answer either. By now I’m thinking this isn’t looking good. I called my daughter who told me Donnie would probably be home in a couple of hours. I called Harrison back and brought him up to speed on what was going on and again assured him that someone would be up there to help find his key. Matt called me back sounding sick saying that he couldn’t make it.

I sent Donnie a text with all the details including Harrison’s phone number and told him to contact Harrison and let me know. A little after 8 Donnie texted me back saying he just got the text but wasn’t able to contact Harrison but did leave him a voice mail. I contacted Harrison, told him Donnie was going to call him right back, got a hold of Donnie and told him to call Harrison again.

At 10:40 I got a text from Donnie saying it took him 45 seconds to find the key. Outstanding!! I later learned that the missing key was Harrison’s car key, and with no spare he had to leave it parked at the beach. Donnie had to pick Harrison up at a rental house, drive him to the beach area and then find the key.

Great job Donnie, thanks so much for helping out and finding/returning the lost key.

Harrison, thank you for trusting The Ring Finders to help find your lost treasure!