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RING FOUND! After a year lost in Lancaster PA

  • from Lancaster (Pennsylvania, United States)

As the newly appointed Secretary for the Lancaster Research and Recovery club I spent some time reviewing our clubs Facebook page. I came across a gentleman inquiring about a lost ring. This was a very sentimental Mothers day gift from her children with each of their birthstones and I was told that another person came to look and had no luck.
The owner said that while they were gardening they shook their hands and saw and heard the ring fly off and hit the brick house. After about an hour of searching the garden, down a window well and the whole area where it was known to be lost,  I was about to call it a day.
At that point I took a step back and thought what if the ring did not hit the bricks and ricochet down but….. up….. I visualized the path that the ring could have taken… one swing over the area….. solid target in the rings tone and VDI (equinox800 13/14) range, shallow, could this be it!?

carefully slicing a small plug well around the area, not even an inch down,  glistened the beautiful shine of the ring with all birthstones still intact.

as always… I love short song the owners and asked her to come out and point to the area again…while back was turned I held up the ring waiting for that loss of breath, eyes open wide, speechless look…. And boy did I get it (never gets old).

I am so happy to be a part of this rings story back to the owner and hopefully passed down for generations. And Always think outside of the box when searching for lost things!

Ring out of the ground after a years nap

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