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Lost White Gold Diamond Ring in Sand at San Clemente, CA. .. Found

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Jenny was at Rivera Beach with her family. She put both her engagement ring and a white gold diamond ring in a cup holder of her beach chair. When she got ready to leave the beach the engagement ring was the only ring in the cupholder. The smaller ring must have dropped into the sand. Even using a small sifter beach toy to sift the sand didn’t help to find the ring. They looked for it for hours before having to leave the beach totally frustrated.

When Jenny got home she went to her Facebook friends asking for ideas to help her find the ten year old ring that was given to her by her husband to celebrate the birth of their daughter.

One of her friends on Facebook told her about a story on a Facebook about the ring I found for Kylie last week. Jenny was able to find my contact information and called me first thing the next morning. We talked about what happened and if she could meet me. She was at work but could meet me at 4:30pm after she picked up her daughter from school.

I could meet her then but maybe I could save her some trouble if she could give me directions to the general area, I would attempt the search by myself. It was easy to understand where she was located by the directions she gave me. I arrived at Rivera Beach in San Clemente at 10 am and had her ring in my hand within a half hour.

I sent Jenny a photo of her ring. She called me right away and we met after she got off work, closer to her home saving her the long drive to San Clemente.

Both Jenny and her daughter were happy to be reunited with this very sentimental token of a special time in her life.

I love helping keeping the story of the ring to continue.