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Lost Class Ring Found In Montpelier Vermont

  • from Barre (Vermont, United States)

About 2 years ago I was trying out a new metal detector in a local park. I got a nice surprise when a beautiful gold class ring came up from about 6″ down in the clay. I cleaned it up and discovered a name inscribed on the inside. It was a 1977 ring from a high school probably 200 miles from here. It was a little tricky finding the owner because her maiden name was on it. After some research I found who was probably her on Facebook. My message must have gone into her “other” box because we aren’t “friends”. No response. About a year later I messaged her again. Another year went by and I finally got a reply from her. She must have given up on ever seeing the ring again, so she was skeptical that I was a legitimate person and thought maybe it was a scam. We exchanged descriptions of the ring and exactly where I found it, she then knew it was hers. She had been going to a local college around 1978, and was visiting the local park when she lost it.

I mailed her the ring. After 37 years of being lost in the dirt, a surprised and happy lady has her ring back! It looks like it still fits her nicely!