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Company Car Keys Lost in North Spokane,FOUND!!!

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

On this very cold night, Carlton learned how Newton’s third law works when you slip on ice. Carlton was heading out the door to his car when the 90 degree turn in the side walk covered in ice, took his footing away. His feet continued to move forward while his body fell backwards. In his right hand was the keys to his company owned vehicle. As he tried stopping his fall the keys went flying into the sky. The keys flew about 50ft away from where he fell. After Carlton and his family made several attempts to locate the keys with no success they decided to look on the roof. After that failed attempt, Google was the next step. They found a few metal detector rental location but no one was open at 6pm on a Sunday. Then Google showed them The Ring Finders. I answered the phone, and quickly found out where Carlton was located and headed his way. I could see when I got to the house the snow had been raked where the family thought the keys might be. I searched there with on luck and expanded my grid pattern to accommodate the force at which Carlton may have hucked his keys. I made about five passes in my grid pattern and got a signal that was 0 inches in depth. The pinpointer beeped with excitement as the black key fob popped out of the snow. Carlton may have lost his company’s vehicle key and also the way he was getting home that night. But The Ring Finders are always ready to help and return what was lost.