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Mercedes Keys Thrown Off Second Floor Balcony into Landscape Shrubbery .. Aliso Viejo, CA. .. Found Using Metal Detector Service

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****** Julian’s friend threw her car keys off the second floor balcony of her apartment. Her mother was able to find metal detecting service when she located TheRingFinders online. After two days of looking through the landscape plants which was mostly ivy. They set up a time that afternoon that I could meet them to attempt a search.

When we met Julian took me up the spot where the throw happened. I could see many places that keys could hide including a trash dumpster and the roofs of the garages. Concentrating on the landscaping and especially the ivy which are perfect hiding places. 

The keys with a remote garage door opener showed up in the ivy more than 150 ft. away from the launching point. I was actually beginning to call off the search because I thought nobody could throw keys that far. I learn something every time I do a search. 

Julian and her mother, Jennifer were about to give up hope when I let them know I found the keys.