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Metal Detecting at Kaanapali beach resort

  • from Yakima (Washington, United States)

Kaanapali Beach

Looking at Black Rock. Lots of people

Still looking for the big one!

Nice detail on this ring.

Hi from Maui.

Well we finally took some time off and headed to warmer weather.

The Kaanapali beach where we are staying has a very nice beach, and it is heavily used. Between family activities I have been sneaking out to work the sand.

I started with the XLT and was very happy with the Beach program. I have also been using the Surfmaster PI. Both machines have done well.

The first time out, was in the evening, and I picked up a watch and two silver rings. They all look pretty cheep, but I was happy to find them. The beaches are very clean, and it is probably due to at least 5 other guys working them every day. I have met several of them, and all have been nice. I met a local who I have seen twice so far. He works the low tide in the early morning. So far just a few rings and a moderate amount of change.

I took one afternoon and tried the surfmaster while snorkeling. I was able to get many signals, but the wave action has been very strong and I was unable to get down to work through the rock and sand to see what was there. Eventually I got tossed by a big wave, which blew my headset off and rolled me in the sand on the bottom. I decided working the beach looked better.

I found one ring while out snorkeling. It is the one with the turtles on it. Sells for $18 in the store.

I spent about three hours woking the Grand Wailea resort. Great beach, but only a single Canadian coin and a couple dimes ect. That evening was the best sunset ever.

Well thanks for looking at the blog and I have a couple days left and will try the beach again.