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Lost Ring Found… In Iowa City, Iowa


This young man lost his deceased father’s ring on July 3rd at a park in Iowa City. It was hot and humid that day and his hands were sweating. He was on a hiking trail and tossed something in the weeds beside the trail and you guessed it his ring went too. It was just dark enough that he couldn’t find it.

He went back last Sunday to search for it but the weeds were about chest high and very thick. That’s when he realized he needed help.

So I met him at the park today July 10th and he took me to the location where he lost it. Luckily he left the item he threw into the weeds where it landed so it marked the spot.

I did about eight passes through the weeds with nothing to show for it but a buried can lid. So we did a reinactment with a junk ring I brought and I searched the area where it landed without any success.

I then made a pass further over from where my junk ring landed and went beyond the real high weeds and got a sweet 12-47 reading on the E-Trac.

I used my X-1 probe to locate the target under the weeds and up came his father’s ring. The look on his face was priceless. I was so glad I could help this young man out.

Chris is right this is a game of inches. Happy hunting everyone and good luck on your searches.

Norm Slaymaker