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San Diego Ring finding metal detector service helped save the day

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


The Ring Finders Metal detecting service helped find a lost gold wedding band ring at Moonlight beach Encinitas,California. Call Curtis Cox 760 889

Recently I received a referral to find a lost Gold wedding band at the beach from a local Ring Finder John Hughes who was originally called and referred from the Lifeguards.

The couple contacted me on a Sunny Sunday may 7th with just a few questions & concerns,,I jumped in my vehicle arriving around 30 min.  They spotted me walking down so we began to go over the story showing an area where it might be lost amongst the crowded beach goers…I turned on the metal detector and dug a dime,Nickel & Called them over when I received a particular signal similar to gold yet better than a nickel,,So I used my hand as a scoop to remove that signal from the sand while holding just my hand open when nothing happened….Once I blew the sand off my palm is then when Ty’s Precious gold ring magically appeared. :):):).  To my astonishment I was also blown away as the beach goers all around roared with cheers clapping as they watched this unfold…

This search took less than a minute to find it..But really it just takes one phone call to Curtis Cox 760 889 2751  ((The San Diego metal detector service.)) Member of TheRingFinders.Com