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Couple Searches for Lost Engagement Ring for Two Months…Found by Ring Finder in Vienna, Virginia House

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Beth’s Most Precious Material Possession Found by Ring Finder Brian Rudolph

Donn Proudly Displaying the Platinum Diamond Engagement Ring that he Offered to Beth on the Day of His Proposal!


I was delighted to receive a phone call from a gentleman named Donn who was desperate in trying to solve a mystery regarding his wife’s lost engagement ring. Two months earlier, the couple was sitting on their couch located in their screened-in garden room enjoying their evening together. This particular section of the house was built on top of the existing backyard deck. Beth was drinking a glass of wine while she was fiddling around with her engagement ring. At some point, the ring slipped out of her hand and disappeared between two sections of the couch right next to where she was sitting. The two of them saw the ring fall somewhere below, but upon searching for the precious sentimental keepsake, their extensive efforts led to no avail. Beth and Donn were completely perplexed as to why they could not locate the ring anywhere in the garden room.

Days of searching turned into weeks and weeks of looking eventually turned into a couple of months. They did everything possible to recover the 1.5 carat diamond solitaire platinum engagement ring with baguette diamonds. They disassembled each section of the couch and even pulled all of the furniture away from the screened-in wall which faced the back of the property. When they couldn’t find Beth’s most priceless possession, they explored underneath the deck with a metal detector to determine whether or not the ring may have slipped through the deck boards and ended up somewhere on the ground below. Still, nothing was found. They kept scratching their heads even more than when they first tried to find the ring on the night of its disappearance.

When all of Donn and Beth’s efforts failed to recover the lost engagement ring, the couple immediately went to the internet in search of an answer. They started googling how to find a lost ring and that’s when the first part of their solution popped up on the screen. They found THE RING FINDER’S website, which is an international directory of metal detectorists who specialize in finding lost rings and other items for people just like Donn and Beth. They had no idea that such a network existed and they couldn’t wait to connect with their local ring finder closest to where they resided in Vienna, Virginia. It turned out that my name popped up as one of the specialists who serves the Vienna, Virginia area. They decided to contact me soon after they looked over my profile and were sold on my abilities and passion for a search such as this one.

Once I got all of the facts regarding the disappearance of Beth’s engagement ring, Donn and I set up a time for me to come out and attempt a recovery of the lost item. I couldn’t wait to be given an opportunity to solve this cold case and return the beautiful diamond ring to the finger that it so rightfully belonged to.

A couple of days later, I drove to Donn and Beth’s lovely house in Vienna, Virginia. When I arrived, Donn immediately took me around the back of the house where the screened-in garden room was located. We went up a few steps to the deck and then walked over to the door that led into the extended portion of the house. As I indicated earlier, the room was constructed on top of the existing deck boards. Therefore, when I looked down towards the boards, I could see the original deck flooring below me. The couple had concluded that the ring must have fallen in a gap of two of the deck boards and disappeared somewhere below. The only problem with that theory was that I couldn’t find any two boards that gave a large enough gap for such a ring to fall through.

Per my request, the couple reenacted the moment when Beth lost her ring and they showed me the exact spot where she was sitting and drinking wine when the ring slipped from her fingers. Beth even showed me how the couch could be disconnected into more than one section. It was then that I realized that there was no place for the ring to fall into the interior of that section of furniture. They told me that everything was exactly the way it was when the ring disappeared except for an area rug that was added in recent weeks. That one addition to the room did not complicate the present situation regarding this mystery. In fact, by them laying down the new carpet, it gave the couple a chance to move the furniture out of the way once more and search for the ring with additional detail in mind. Unfortunately, they still couldn’t find the jewel anywhere in the room.

Once I finished examining the “scene of the crime”, Donn guided me around the yard and took me under the deck just below the screened-in garden room. I observed a lot of dirt and patches of grass and I thought to myself how easy it would be for someone to eyeball a platinum ring in that particular environment. Donn shared how he tried metal detecting that whole section below the garden room and came away empty-handed, of course. Upon seeing that area below, I decided I wanted to search the garden room first before detecting the ground. Donn questioned why I chose to do the search in that order, and I explained to him that it seemed more likely that the ring may have never left the screened-in room. It was quite possible that they just didn’t see it while moving things around and unrolling the new area rug. I could tell that my client may have been questioning my thought process on the matter, but I felt confident in my decision to attack the room first and then head down below if all else failed.

Once I finished observing the area below the screened-in room, I returned to my car where I pulled out all of the necessary equipment that I would be using for the in-house search and for metal detecting below the garden room on the ground level. I then made my way back to the screened-in room to begin my search. Beth went into the house to connect with her work on a business conference call and Donn hung out around where I was starting to move pieces of furniture.

My first task was to move the couch forward towards the middle of the room so that I would have better access behind the area where the couch was originally situated. Once I pushed it forward, I got behind it and began looking on the floor for any sign of Beth’s beloved ring. It is at this point in the story that I have to share my endless level of excitement and surprise each and every time that I recount this particular search story to clients and friends! This is what happened: Within 10 seconds of looking for the couple’s lost marital keepsake, I was surprisingly able to recover Beth’s gorgeous diamond engagement ring just after moving the couch out of the way! When I got behind the couch, I moved a panel of drapes over to one side by just a few inches (making sure the ring didn’t end up underneath the puddle of fabric) and there it was – the precious ring! Beth’s gorgeous diamond platinum engagement ring was just sitting there waiting for one of us to discover it underneath the draperies! I literally found the keepsake in mere seconds! I discovered the ring so quickly that I couldn’t even believe what my eyes were staring at! I thought it was just too good to be true, but in fact it really was the jewel and the search had ended almost as fast as it had begun!

The excitement of finding the lost treasure was building up within me and I couldn’t wait to surprise Beth and Donn following my awesome discovery! Apparently, the couple had looked everywhere except underneath the draperies. It was just one of those simple answers that sometimes gets overlooked. We never think that a seemingly complicated search could actually have such a simple answer in solving the mystery! This happened to be one of those cases where it just took a third person with “ring search” experience and a fresh pair of eyes and hands to uncover the precious and beloved keepsake!

I must say that the couple was blown away upon hearing where I found the ring and how quickly I was able to return the special item back to the elated young lady! I told them not to be embarrassed by the simplicity of where the ring had been hiding all that time and to remember how blessed they were that the disappearance of their very special piece of jewelry wasn’t more complicated than it could have turned out to be!

After leaving Donn and Beth’s place, I returned to my car and immediately called THE RING FINDER’S founder and CEO, Chris Turner, to share this fantastic search and recovery story with him. He was so tickled to hear the details of where I ended up finding Beth’s ring and how quickly the search was wrapped up inside the couple’s screened-in garden room. I will never forget Chris’ proud voice and the words he shared with me following my account of the Vienna, Virginia search. He excitedly pronounced, “Well Brian, welcome to the 10 Second Club!“ I laughed and thanked Chris for his encouragement regarding my success in finding the ring so quickly!

I must say that other than the greatest thrill of recovering such a special item for Beth and the speed in which I did so, it was knowing that in being a proud member of THE RING FINDERS, my “cherry on top” moment was to become a new inductee into THE RING FINDER’S “unofficial” 10 Second Club that Chris Turner welcomed me into that afternoon!


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