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Metal Detecting Valentine’s Day Seattle Snow Recovery

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


Platinum Diamond Ice ring found in Ice Snow

Valentine’s Day 2019 Recovery

Maysoon called me having lost her platinum diamond wedding ring in the Seattle snow. After a church service she came out to help her husband add some fluid to their car before leaving. Her hands got a little messy so she bent down, grabbed some snow to rub her hands clean and then shook her hands dry. At this point she noticed her wedding ring was no longer on her finger! After a frantic search through the snow with no ring found she called me the next day after visiting TheRingFinders website.  I agreed to meet her the next morning.


When I arrived early on Valentine’s Day morning the asphalt was super slippery and the piles of snow were thick blocks of ice. My detector easily sees metal through the snow however her ring was a thin band ladies platinum ring. As always I proceeded with the search cautiously and started cleaning out sections of the snow moving those closes to the metal railing further out as not to miss her ring. If it was there I would eventually find it. She told me that the parking spot she was standing on was full of snow that night the ring went missing. However the next day someone had cleared that spot and shoveled the snow into a pile leading up to a storm drain. The pile not far from the public sidewalk. I kew we had to get this ring before the snow melted as surely someone would drive over the top of it or eyeball it and no telling if it would get returned.

With several hours of searching I carefully scooped blocks of ice to the side clearing each one taking caution not to damage her ring.  Half way through the snow pile I eventually got the signal I was lookin for. After a close inspection I was so happy for the lady that all of her diamonds were still fixed to the ring.


Watch how this Valentine’s Day search turned into another amazing recovery!


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