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Meteorite Wedding Ring lost for 25 days in Park Recovered and Mailed back to Owner.

  • from Ponte Vedra Beach (Florida, United States)

I had a call from a client who was from Indiana and told me he lost his Gold Meteorite Wedding Band in the grass near a park in St. Augustine, Fl. He had the general idea of the area he lost it, but informed me it was 25 days ago. I told him I would be glad to respond to the area but would be limited since St. Augustine is the oldest city in America and digging is not permitted. I was there less than 10 minutes before being approached and notified that metal detecting and digging is prohibited. I told the authorities about the wedding ring that was lost by my client and showed them a picture of what the ring looked like. I told them I did not have any digging tools and would only use my vibrating probe in attempt to locate the ring in the grass. They allowed me to continue my search as long as I did not dig or remove any other items besides trash. I was very fortunate to find the beautiful gold meteorite wedding band which I mailed back to my very happy client.#lost ring florida,#beach metal detecting st augustine,#hire a metal detector service,#metal detector for hire,#ring lost in grass