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Man’s 3ct Gold Wedding Band Lost in the Surf, Found and Returned Litchfield, SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

Damond called me at 10:30 p.m. telling me he lost his ring and wanted to know if I could help. He went on to say he was on his knees in the surf, and was playing with his 4 year old son when he felt his ring slip off his finger at about 7 p.m. He also said that he tried to grab it but it quickly sank out of sight, and he’d been out there searching for it. I got the location and told him I was on my way, and would be there in 45-50 minutes.

This was a gated resort so I had to wait until Damond showed up at the gate to get me in. I followed him down to the beach and got the details on the ring and the area he lost it in, which was a good 50 ft. by 50 ft. I first started a north/south grid line but with an outgoing tide I changed to an east/west and started in the middle of his suspected area.  One thing I’ve found pretty true to form is that most people go to the right when they enter the beach area, and this case was no different. I made about 5 or 6 passes and got a booming signal. One scoop and I had the target out of the hole. I spread the sand out with my foot, turned on my head lamp and saw the ring shining in the light. I was expecting a gold wedding band and when I picked up the ring it was “oh my God!!!” Damond was sitting on the beach access stairs when I called him down to the low tide line. I asked him to describe his ring, and then held it up and asked, “Does it look like this?” He couldn’t contain his excitement, and started doing the happy dance. I got a big bear hug. Awesome feeling!! After it was back on his finger, he told me that his wife had gotten it for him for father’s day and it had a lot of sentimental value, and I could see why. He also told me I saved the family vacation.

Damond, thank you for trusting me to find your treasure, it was truly my pleasure. Best of luck to you and your family.