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Unique ring lost in Concord, CA… RECOVERED!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

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Gold is a big part of Neelums culture, so when she had the opportunity to purchase a very unique 22k gold ring while in Dubai, she jumped all over it. The ring style is thought to bring good luck to its owner…more on that later.   This particular ring had become one of her favorite possessions, so when it came up missing, she sought help quickly.

Finding site led her to me and after some text messages, we agreed to meet the following afternoon to search.  We started at her mothers apartment where she last physically had the ring. She had put multiple rings into her purse there before running to pick up her husband from work and returning to their apartment.  After nothing turned up at that location nor inside her vehicle, we decided to move to the final location where Neelum realized the ring was missing.

Interestingly enough, as we walked the pathway to her apartment discussing what areas we could search, there on the path sat the 22k gold ring.  It had sat there in the open with people constantly walking past it for over 24 hours.  We had made the recovery!

Remember earlier when we discussed that luck thing?  Well, that ring truly brought luck to Neelum on that day.  There would have been so many opportunities for someone to spot that beautiful and unique ring and to take it for themselves, however she now has the ring back in her possession and their story together got an exciting new chapter in lieu of a sad ending.

As always, Thank you Neelum for contacting the The Ring Finders and entrusting me to assist with locating this wonderful ring?  Best wishes for you and your family for the future.

22K Gold Ring


Bay Area Ring Finders: Brendon Chapman… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP     925-580-2590