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Silver Promise Found on Holden Beach, NC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I got a call from Aaron saying that Joe Denton had referred me to help find a lost silver promise ring. The story went that his girlfriend Olivia had tried to pass the promise ring to a friend to hold for safe keeping. Unfortunately, Olivia was standing in a trough that was about 5 feet deep while the friend was standing on top of the ridge. The handoff missed and the ring sank to the bottom of the ocean buried in sand and shells. At first I told Aaron I’d be there closer to low tide, which was about 3 hours later. After thinking about it, I called Aaron back and said I was on my way. I was hoping that by getting there early, I could work the outgoing tide and maybe come across the ring.

When I got there I met Aaron and Olivia in the parking lot. As we walked out to the beach, Aaron said that he had made a sand mound to mark the spot Olivia went into the water. As we got closer to the spot, the mound was gone. Where the spot was now 2 kids playing and unknowingly destroyed the mound. There was just enough of the mound left that Aaron was sure we were in the right spot. Not knowing what I’d be up against, I brought both my White’s PI and my Equinox 800. I grabbed the PI and headed out in the water to find the trough. About the same time I found the trough, I got smacked by a pretty good wave that soaked me and just about knocked me over. New plan, I grabbed my 800 and started working the slope and parallel with the beach. Aaron said they were going to go eat dinner and I assured them if I found it I’d give them a call. After about 20 minutes, I grabbed the PI again and started working the tide line seaward. The waves were still breaking with force, plus the current was stronger than I willing to fight with. I moved south to start a wider search and Boom!!! I hit a great signal, but with the PI it could be anything. I dug the target out, walk up the beach and dumped the scoop out. Ran the coil over the area and found the target again, pushed the smaller amount of sand in the scoop with my foot and shook it out in the surf. There it was, Olivia’s beautiful promise ring staring up at me. I called Aaron and he asked if I found it. I told him that I thought so and was sending him a picture. Bingo, he said it was Olivia’s. I told them I’d meet them at the restaurant they were at and drop it off. When I got there they were both waiting in the parking lot with huge smiles on their faces.

Aaron and Olivia – thank you for trusting me and The Ring Finders to help find your lost treasure. Wish you both the very best in life.