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Finance’s Lost Engagement Ring in Hockley, Texas – Recovered by Houston Metal Detecting Services

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)


Gold & Diamond Engagement Ring Lost in a Hockley, Texas front yard while fighting the Texas heat, recovered by John Volek-TRF Houston

I was contacted by Scott a resident of Hockley, Texas who was looking for help in finding his Finance’s Lost Engagement ring in the front yard of his residence. Scott reported that he and his Finance Julie were doing some yard work in the front yard when Julie discovered her engagement ring was missing.

Scott and Julie were very sure the ring had been lost in the front yard of the residence while cleaning up the front lawn. Scoot said he spent hours searching for Julie’s lost ring with no success. Scott said the following day her purchased a metal detector and tried to find the ring, but again he had no success in finding the missing ring. Scott said after several attempts with the metal detector and many hours in the Texas heat, he realized he needed some help and conducted a little internet research and came across The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service. Scott said, he placed the call without hesitation and asked how successful I felt about finding his lost engagement ring.

The photographs show the outcome of this search and help to illustrate that just renting or borrowing a metal detector may not always be the solution.

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