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Gold pendant recovered from Thornton yard

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Mayra Hernandez and her children were visiting her sister-in-law for a late summer picnic and celebration. Her son, Adrian, was playing in the yard with his cousins when his necklace that held his gold baptismal medallion broke. It wasn’t till minutes later that he noticed the necklace dangling from his neck. The family stopped their celebration and all began searching for the medallion. The yard is not large but it is beautifully take care of and very thick grass so the medallion remained hidden from view. Mayra found my profile on The Ring Finders and she called me and we arranged for me to come and do a search. After my arrival we all made our way to the back yard and they showed me where the kids were playing and described what was going on that day. A few minutes into my search after searching the primary area with no luck I expanded my search to a secondary location. When I was directly in front of the family I received a great signal on my CTX and right there hidden in the grass was Adrian’s medallion, he was pretty darn happy to get that medallion back.

Medallion recovered September 19, 2017